azienda agricola urlari


Our Names

The English translation of the Italian word “Urlari” is “you yell”

Origins of the Urlari Name

The vineyard is surrounded by forest

The vineyard is surrounded by forest

Roberto purchased the 25 acre plot of land in Riparbella, Tuscany in 2004 from a sheep farmer with large holdings.  The field was named “Urlari”, an approximation of the Italian verb Urlare (to yell). For good luck, he maintained the name of the field, Urlari, and simply added Azienda Agricola (agricultural company) when naming his company.  The story around the village of Riparbella is that this field was named during World War II, around Christmas 1944; Allied troops were hiding in the heavily forested area and the enemy troops were so close they didn’t dare use their electronic communications devices and so developed bird calls or yells, Urlari, to communicate their positions to each other.


[per VAL ee] Roberto’s daughter, Valentina, is an outstanding student, athlete and musician. Named for (per) Roberto’s daughter (Vale), the diminutive for “Valentina”.  “PerVale”, or “for Valentina” is the dedication of Roberto’s first wine to his daughter.


[lùr-lo], literally “The Scream” or “The Howl”; (sort of) rhymes with “Merlot”. Taken from the winery’s name, Urlari (“to yell”).



[rit-tas-o]. Named for the Ritasso stream, located in the Monteruufoli-Caselli Nature reserve near Urlari’s vineyards and one of the most charming streams in the region.