azienda agricola urlari


Our Story

We integrate elements of our favorite wine cultures to create a modern, multi-cultural wine.

Viticulture – Italy

In our hearts and our roots, Urlari is an Italian winery. Our vineyard is located in Riparbella, just 12 miles north of Bolgheri in an area of Tuscany known as the Etruscan coast.  Ideally situated between 720-800 feet above sea level, Urlari overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the rolling interior hills of Tuscany. Our plants benefit the lands, the Tuscan sun and perfect microclimate and most importantly, a passion for great wines.

Urlari’s owner and founder, Roberto Cristoforetti was born to generations of farmers in Tuenno, a village near Trento in Trentino-Alto Adige in mountainous northern Italy. As a youth he worked with his father in their apple orchards and as a registered fruit farmer he now overseas the family orchards.

Winemaking – France

The Bordeaux varietals, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot, alicante bouschet and petit verdot were imported from France and planted with the indigenous grape of Tuscany, Sangiovese, in 2006.  These varietals were selected for their individual strength and character, and for the potential result when they are artfully blended.

Our winemaker, Jean-Philippe Fort, is one of the most recognized and respected names amongst the great wine makers from Bordeaux.  Jean-Philippe has worked with Michel Rolland’s team for more than 20 years and brings the French touch and his personal style and vision for blending Bordeaux wines.  This is his first time working beyond French borders. He was drawn to work on our project in Tuscany by the opportunity to create a wine from a blank sheet of paper, incorporating all modern thinking and theories from farming to winemaking to marketing.  Jean-Philippe uses winemaking processes that reflect the latest thinking and he uses innovative technologies that protect the fruit and enhance its flavors naturally.