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Ritasso is an estate grown, IGT Toscana sangiovese from Azienda Agricola Urlari in Riparbella, Toscana.


[Ri-tas-so], takes its name from the Ritasso stream, located in the Monterufoli-Caselli Nature reserve near our vineyard, one of the most charming streams in the region.




2,000 750 ml bottles.


The grapes are deposited on a conveyor belt that moves them using gravity (to avoid damaging the skins) to the de-stemming machine where the leaves and stems are removed. From there, the fruit moves via conveyor belt to a filtering machine that gently breaks the skins to release juice as the grapes drop to fill a conical-shaped stainless steel tank. Temperature-controlled fermentation begins and juice is pumped over the grapes every 6 hours. After 2 weeks the grapes are gently pressed and the wine is aged 12 months in French oak barrels and then an additional 12 months in the bottle.


Gambero Rosso recognized our 2012 vintage of Ritasso with a rating of 2 glasses

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