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Bordeaux Meets Tuscany

Combining the best of Bordeaux and Tuscany to create new taste sensations. Where old world traditions meet new world innovation.

Urlari Vineyard


In our hearts and our roots, Azienda Agricola Urlari is an Italian winery. Our vineyard is located in Riparbella, a commune in the Province of Pisa, just 12 miles / 19k north of Bolgheri in an area of Tuscany known as the Etruscan Coast.


Ideally situated between 220-260 meters above sea level, Urlari overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the rolling interior hills of Tuscany. The altitude allows for significant temperature variances between day and night. Our fields benefit the cooling effect of ventilation while enjoying constant sunlight and low cloudiness. 

Urlari Territory Map
Urlari View Overlooking Mediterranean Sea


Urlari is unique amongst Italian wineries in that it integrates the best elements of wine making from around the globe.  Italy contributes the lands, the Tuscan sun and perfect microclimate, Sangiovese grapes, and most importantly, a passion for great wines.  Urlari embraces the Italian wine industry’s philosophy that the most critical factor in making great wine is the purity and intensity of the grapes, and thus additives in the winemaking process are restricted.     


Previously a sheep pasture, the field profits from years of natural fertilization.  The combination of a dense planting (3,200 plants per acre) plus the ruggedness of the soil’s components of clay and stone create stronger, more resilient and thus intense fruit.  A team of field workers harvest by hand.  The very limited production ensures that the quality of the grapes will be constantly assessed and nurtured by the human hand.


Urlari’s owner and founder, Roberto Cristoforetti was born to generations of farmers in Tuenno, a village near Trento in Trentino-Alto Adige in mountainous northern Italy. As a youth he worked with his father in their apple orchards and as a registered fruit farmer he now overseas the family orchards.

Jean-Philippe Urlari Winemaker Tasting

Winemaking - Bordeaux

The Bordeaux varietals, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot, alicante bouschet and petit verdot were imported from France and planted with the indigenous grape of Tuscany, Sangiovese, in 2006.  These varietals were selected for their individual strength and character, and for the potential result when they are artfully blended.


Our winemaker, Jean-Philippe Fort, is one of the most recognized and respected names amongst the great wine makers from Bordeaux.  Jean-Philippe has worked with Michel Rolland’s team for more than 20 years and brings the French touch and his personal style and vision for blending Bordeaux wines.  This is his first time working beyond French borders. He was drawn to work on our project in Tuscany by the opportunity to create a wine from a blank sheet of paper, incorporating all modern thinking and theories from farming to winemaking to marketing.  Jean-Philippe uses winemaking processes that reflect the latest thinking and he uses innovative technologies that protect the fruit and enhance its flavors naturally.


The English translation of the Italian word “Urlari” is “you yell.”

Urlari was the name of the field that Roberto purchased for the vineyards so he is using Urlari for the name of our winery.

Original Urlari Grounds


Roberto purchased the 10 hectare plot of land in Riparbella, Tuscany in 2004 from a sheep farmer with large holdings.  The field was named “Urlari”, an approximation of the Italian verb Urlare (to yell). For good luck, he maintained the name of the field, Urlari, and simply added Azienda Agricola (agricultural company) when naming our company.  


The story around the village of Riparbella is that this field was named during World War II, around Christmas 1944; Allied troops were hiding in the heavily forested area and the enemy troops were so close they didn’t dare use their electronic communications devices and so developed bird calls or yells, Urlari, to communicate their positions to each other.


[lùr-lo], literally “The Scream” or “The Howl”; (sort of) rhymes with “Merlot”. A play on the winery’s name, Urlari (“to yell”).


[per VAL ee] Roberto’s daughter, Valentina, is an outstanding student, athlete and musician. Named for (per) Roberto’s daughter (Vale), the diminutive for “Valentina”.  “PerVale”, or “for Valentina” is the dedication of Roberto’s first wine to his daughter.


[rit-tas-o]. Named for the Ritasso stream, located in the Monteruufoli-Caselli Nature reserve near Urlari’s vineyards and one of the most charming streams in the region.

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